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Please rework the central loot economy
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Food: Limit it more in Tier1 and remove canned food completly outside of Tier1 zones. At the current state of the game I think there are already tons of options to get some food with hunting, fishing, farming or seting traps. People should rely on this more, but it's possible to survive just on Tactical Bacon in Tisy Military.
I also suggest to limit the amount of meat u get from a single animal.

Weapons: Add all weapons to the cfgspawnabletypes.xml. There shouldn't spawn pristine weapons in the world.
Make the Mosin and similar rifles high tier loot (Tier3 + 4 for example). Same with any scopes. Many low tier weapons are ignored by the playerbase, as they simply have no use. Why pick a Repeater up, if u can find a Blaze and a shotgun at the coast.
Limit the amount of weapons spawning heavily! For example the Mosin spawns 70 times, while the map of Chernarus "only" 50 times. 70 is such a crazy number for a weapon like this.

Ammo: Needs also to be heavily limited, specially high caliber rounds. This are really all crazy numbers in the configs, no matter if spawned in the world or the chance u get ammo on infected. The quantmin and quantmax was already reduced some patches ago for stacked ammo, which was a good step.

Weapon attachments: Any weapon needs a smaller chance of having its attachments. Give them a quite good chance (still small) to spawn with a buttstock or handguard, but limit the chance for scopes and magazines being attached heavily. All the attachments spawn in the world already, give them some more use.

Clothing: Remove high/best insulation clothes from Tier1 (and maybe Tier2 aswell) and make them more rare in general.
As with weapons, add all clothes to the cfgspawnabletypes.xml. All backpacks, vests, pants, shirts/jackets. Just leave the shoes, hats and masks out as u do already (I wouldn't mind to add those too).

Vehicles: Lower chance to spawn with parts. If they spawn with parts, make them locked by default, so players would need some tools first to get the battery out or that wheel - or just to dump the drivers door next to the car.
The car battery should spawn uncharged, so the battery charger will finally have some use. Setting the quantmin and quantmax to "0" will make them spawn fully charged anyway, which can't be right?


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Windows 10 x64
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Play on a vanilla server.

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