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Reduce damage to car wheels after accident
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Everybody know, that sometimes game we got game crush, or just freeze, and if dagame your car, wheels destroyed. Without wheels its hard to drive or impossible, to find wheels , or new car its a big deal.

Please reduce damage to wheels after car accodint, depens on speed maybe (0-50 yellow) (50-100 orange) (100+ ruin) something like that, so every player can fix wheels. Sometimes on 20-30 speed player destroyed car radiator and 2 wheels, its unreal!


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Windows 7

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lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Jun 24 2022, 6:59 PM

It's a simple fix, just make the cars tougher and the occupants better protected... that way at least we can live with the extremely poor programming and actually enjoy driving.

Even if the cars were totally indestructible it would have zero negative effect and only increase overall enjoyment in the game. The trucks are already nigh on indestructible (compared to the cars at least) and you rarely die in them when the game bugs out and you're driving one.

  • tougher and better occupant protection against environmental impacts (crashes), not bullets or explosives of course!