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Inventory scrolling and can't toggle head torch/nvg
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The cursor will continue to scroll down but the inventory ui stays locked to the equipment/gear, and 1 open gear tab. Scrolling down will also go through closed tabs such as equipped weapon attachments as well as helmet visor slots ect. Tab down feature will get stuck hovering over certain items in gear's inventory. Head torches and nvg are not able to be activated/toggled but can still be turned through quick wheel. Restarting the game/rejoining did not reset or fix any problems.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jun 15 2022, 10:06 AM

Edit - Page up/down(L2/R2) is still not tracking properly and gets stuck on certain items, nvg can't be toggled, otherwise main issues resolved


I still havent got the nvg since it got the heli crash only spawn on officials.. but does toggle not work by just HOLDING TRIANGLE?

this os odd.. for me the head torches are functional normally only the nvgs i could not test yet..

Even the tactical helmet does let me toggle the universal light with tapping triangle.