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AK-74 Model Feedback
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Apologies if the bug tracker is not intended for art feedback.

  1. Rear sling mount has hard edges and incorrect UVs
  2. Top of barrel and muzzle device have noticeable hard edge (UV seam set to hard and unsynched normal bake?). Ring on ramrod also has hard edges.
  3. hard edges and/or long thin triangles causing issues
  4. long thin triangles causing issues for the normal map
  5. Unsynced normal bake (not artist fault but engine issue), could be compensated for with weighted normals or
  6. Bad UVs
  7. hard edges (bad vertex normals)
  8. poor compression, could reduce gradients in nm to compensate, or bug engine team for mikkTspace normal map math). In general something seems wrong with compression, BC7 should not be so poor.
  9. Bad UV's on interior portion
  10. Missed it in the image but the front cap on the lower foregrip also has UV error, part of the wood is bleeding over the edge into the metal areas. you can see this easily in albedo view.

Some more generic feedback, scratches noticeably repeat. Edge wear could be broken up more with manual painting to reduce the procedural feel coming from the curvature-based wear. The rear of the safety could also have its UV's adjusted to show less weirdness. The scratches on the rear buttpad make the mirroring very obvious and could be easily tweaked.


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Windows 10 x64

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