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Obscuring models at a distance
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The common issue in game engines is that the simpler scene is the easier is to spot models. In Reforger this is mainly due lack of foliage that is rendered over a distance, however other aspects like lower resolution textures and simpler shapes also play a role here. I believe there is already a technique of putting models a little bit into ground to make them less visible, but it doesn't resolve this problem completely, as more than anything a dispersion of a shape is a key. In titles like ARMA, especially, this type of issue seems to be a major concern.

Although it is technically quite impossible to render all foliage over a large distance, and there have to be some kind of a LoD at distances, it should be feasible to use some modern shader techniques that could mitigate this effect and and the in the same time don't have much performance hit.

By lurking around this topic I found some methods that can be seen in UE4 engine like dither fade, pixel depth, post process volume and so on. I can think of blurring just player models at a distance like DoF effect, dither them etc.

I don't want to propose any certain technique here, I would rather like to point out that there should be some possibilities in graphic industry of mitigating this already.



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mebel created this task.May 28 2022, 10:00 PM