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Remote detonation unit / Remote detonator max distance bug 1.18 (experimental)
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The remote detonation unit / Remote detonator has a max distance of I believe 50 meters or so when activated by hands.

But if you take the remote detonator and attach it to a trip wire kit it has a unlimited range.
You can detonate thing from literally across the map.

This should be fixed or make it a feature if somehow paired with the field transceiver to increase its broadcast range.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

find a remote detonator (remote detonation unit)
make a trip wire kit and place the trip wire
add the remote detonator/ attach it ( The thing you put in your hands normally to explode your IED) to the trip wire kit.
place a IED across the map or even attach the detonator unit to a smoke grenade on your vest.
have someone walk across your trip wire and the smoke grenade or ied you placed will go off.

again this works outside of the baseline 50m max you have set if you were to activate it in your hands.
This works across the enitre map.

Additional Information

If you need more info please comment back.

Im guessing this is a bug and not a feature since broadcasting at that range is extremely unrealistic....unless paired nmaybe with the field transceiver unit.

Maybe add a way to change the frequency of the detonator unit to interact with walkie talkies and the field transceiver. This would add more ways to explode IEDs and other explosives and make people feel like some true RP terrorist, lol.

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Thank you for the report JeffCensoredFree.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.