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Sensitivity speed reset bug
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I play the game on a very low sensitivity to try and match the speed of the linear curve from 1.16. The problem is whenever I draw my gun from my inventory and aim it (to have the gun ready when the animation finishes) and when I do this, my sensitivity is suddenly speed up/reset to default values (my sensitivity is way below default) Please look into this.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

With a low sensitivity, draw a firearm from the inventory or the shoulder holster And immediately aim the weapon and look in any direction, the sensitivity should have increased marginally, you can also try aiming down sights, magnified or iron sights and the speed will persist.

Additional Information

the increase in speed will persist even when the gun is changed from aiming by the hip to aiming down sights and vice versa. Can provide more induced instances if need be.

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This also applies to the current 1.18 update as well

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Hello FemmeFatale.
This problem has been resolved for the 1.20 update.