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Plate carrier pouch inventory
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Hi there, just to make sure this is in the bug list for Xbox official vanilla. (Only tested on Chernarus) for
Post 1.17 The inventory in the attached pouches on plate carriers is no longer accurate especially when an additional holster is attached to the plate. One has to detach the pouches to remove items as selecting any item will select a different item usually the holstered pistol.
It’s just a bug in 1.17 which otherwise is pretty fantastic IMO! Many thanks for all your hard work!


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Windows 7
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Plate carrier + holster + pouches + pistol in holster + invent in pouches. Trying to remove the item from pouches instead pulls pistol

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lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.May 1 2022, 4:35 PM

Yeah they knew this before they even released the update, but they did it anyway. Then they released the update hotfix and still haven't fixed it... kinda have to wonder why they bother with experimental servers if they still go ahead and release the updates full of the same bugs that were pointed out to them during the experimental phase :(

Same deal with utility buttpacks+assault vest, the vest can still be used by the buttpack will only allow you to take its equipped glow stick it hands, gotta take the butt off first into your hands to drop important items.

Still cant use Pouches and Smersh bag! Same bug with 1.17
Also cant drop items throw inventory with X button, need to take in hands first.