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New Controls Not Saving
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When you go in to the "Controls" Setting and select the new layout, it does not record what you have selected, meaning you have to keep selecting it every time you log on to the game.

I'm sure this is a fix that you can do as I also had the same problem with Inverted controls (Thats the way I play) which you seem to have fixed this update and it remembers your selection.

I am new to this web page and seen from the Patch Notes this is where you read the feedback, I have well over 3500 hours on DayZ Playstation so I'm glad I have finally found the platform to give feedback where you read it. I have also ran and modded very large and popular servers, so hopefully this gets read.

Also please for the love of god fix the "Whitewalling" This is where you can de-render the whole environment to see where people are.


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Windows 7

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