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VOIP Activating in Menus/Movement in Inventory
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Whenever you have a menu/inventory open, using the d-pad to navigate the menu/inventory will cause VOIP to activate upon pressing down on the d-pad.

Subsequently, having the inventory open, and moving the left analog stick in any direction causes the character to move.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

For the VOIP issue, it's simple. Open any menu in the game, and press down on the d-pad on your controller. This will trigger VOIP to activate every time, without fail.

For the movement in inventory "issue", tilting the left analog stick in any direction causes the player to move with their inventory open.

Additional Information

In regards to the "movement in inventory" part of this report, i would like to keep this in the game. Perhaps make it so the left stick can't navigate our inventory. That way, we can move our characters freely with the inventory open, without messing with our inventory. (We already can use the d-pad as well as BOTH analog sticks in all menus in the game. I dont see any harm in removing one input method from menus and inventory, as to give us a totally new functionality in game) This will make the game closer to the PC version, since PC players have always been able to move with their inventory opened, and will give me something I've always wanted from this game since it released on ps4.