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More low level functionality
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Dear DayZ Dev Team,

I really appreciate the work of other modders and what they are able to implement to the game like adding basic cryptography or other things. I mostly mean the Community Framework by Jacob Mango, BUT why don't we have these things in the core engine to use in your scripts ? Why would someone need to implement a overly complicated way of calculating a sha256 checksum when it's already used in some internal functions ? Why don't we even have a proper byte class ? Or 64bit Integers ?

I even implemented a complete BigInteger class for any size of Integer computations for some basic RSA calculations. It took me days to get something, which was kind of working. The worst thing though: it's super slow. I can't even encrypt / decrypt something with more than 256 bit keys in a time, which is below 500ms. This is such an unnecessarry overhead.

I've also seen ways of reading a file byte by byte. This is super slow when you want to read a file, which is a few mb of size.

So a few things I would really like to see available, which would save a lot of mod devs some headache:

  • bytes (8bit)
  • (short (16bit))
  • long (64bit)
  • byte encodings like hex, base64
  • byte operations for files (read, write, read array etc)
  • hashing (Sha 256, Sha1 etc, HMAC)
  • encryption (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • string to byte conversion, which does not require to convert every single character

These are all basic functionality, which will come in handy and are even used internally or are easy to add with a few libraries. Especially if you don't need to code them yourself or use others implementation, which is super slow.

Regards LBmaster


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