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Built a 3 gate base in house. Came back three hours later and all three locks have now been reset. Please help
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I built a base in a house with three gates and added two (3 dial locks) and one (4 dial lock). I did it all today with my buddy finished about 40 minutes before a restart. We both went to dinner and all three combos have been reset.

I have no idea how that could have happened. We are 100% certain what code we used for all three. Is this a hacker's work?


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Goob created this task.Feb 13 2022, 2:22 AM

Dayz us 3664146. Base was built from ~1500-1700 EST (3-5 pm). At 2000 (8pm) everything was changed. The server also just crashed like 3 times and is now undetectable.

Goob added a comment.Feb 13 2022, 5:28 AM

I logged back in to find out what I needed to know. Dial locks were all picked, codes changed and stuff was raided. Im pretty sure I know who did it. Incredibly fast to find it and raid it so quickly.

On Dayz us 3664146 there is a group of players duping supplies. They built a huge fortified gate system in multi story industrial building at the west end of Novodmitrovsk within 20 hours of me logging off. They have a garage walled off with a car. It appears they are using the car or a tent to duplicate building supplies. I have been watching them for a few days- running back and forth, especially right before a restart. The only thing I have watched them gather are logs which makes sense assuming that's the one thing they would need that cant be put in a car. I got in their garage and everything was empty, so why all the running back and forth? I went back a few times to check, after watching them many times run in and out, still nothing. Screams duping. They never gather anything but logs.

I believe one of them (at least) is using some sort of cheat to see player locations based on some fighting anomalies I've seen with this group. Players just appearing behind me in the dark for example. Now that I've had two stashes and a base raided within 5 days of contacting them, I'm fairly certain they aren't legit. That's just a hunch but I have no doubt they are duping supplies. I believe they are the same players who built the MASSIVE duper base on the east end of that city.

Idk weather to just give up entirely on this game at this point. Extremely disappointing this sort of thing seems to go rampant. The fact that a vanilla server looks like a modded server, by looking at the east base tells me there very little, if any admin over watch. I don't mind losing my stuff to a fight or someone finding my stash at all but, this is too much. Id at least expect some admin over watch on these guys.

Goob added a comment.Feb 19 2022, 4:15 AM

Goob added a comment.Feb 19 2022, 4:26 AM

This morning I received a steam friend request from a random person, so I thought (ended up being ONE of the guys cheating/duping).

I killed a player loaded with duped/cheat spawned base building supplies, all the best weapons, everything. Same server today around 8pm eastern time in the same city at what we were calling the old hackers base at the east end of town.

We ran down to loot him and he immediately was back as a fresh spawn, my friend Willis killed him. We went back to his original body and within a minute or so he was back, so I killed him.

We then ran our stuff into town and he killed me via that cheat method where it just silently shoots you through walls at ~8:43 and my friend willis the same way at 8:47.

I respawned, ran all the way back to find they were in my base breaking in. I logged out and figured that player who added me was the same guy cheating in the server and the same guy we killed. So I accept his friend request and say the first three lines in the chat log attached in English. The rest was in Chinese, which I transcribed afterwards.

I want him and his friends with him today banned. Even if he comes back on another account, there needs to be some for of accountability and punishment. I have reported the steam profile as well. I basically cant play official now and everyone on that server is wasting there time. The game is ruined.

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etwas added a subscriber: etwas.Feb 19 2022, 5:40 PM

wow dude. sounds like a rough day... jeez