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Bugs, lags, crashes, stupid management
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It's just awful. I play on xbox series s and often see fps drawdowns, the game is poorly optimized. Somewhere else every half hour the game crashes. Sometimes the sensitivity becomes much less than prescribed. Sometimes the field of view becomes larger. When you loot someone, sometimes the loot menu doesn't open completely, it just doesn't flip through. Often a character gets stuck in textures. The behavior of cars in general is some kind of horror.

And the management is just terrible. I can't change a single button. Why can't LT, RT be swapped with LB RB? It's very inconvenient, I want to swap them. This is stupidity. Sensitivity cannot be flexibly adjusted, only general. You can't change anything at all. This is an online game, not a single one with bots, management is important here. To hold your breath, you need to hold the L button, it's terribly uncomfortable, you don't understand. You also need to hold the RB or LB buttons to tilt. And for the sight, too, you need to make sure. Aren't there too many holds? How do you imagine it, if let's say I need to choose from the left corner and make a shot, I need to hold the LT button for aiming, hold the LB button for tilting and the L button for holding my breath. Do I have 10 fingers on one hand? Do you think it's convenient? In fact - garbage. You need flexible control and sensitivity settings, otherwise it's unplayable in PvP. When looping in general, some kind of hell is going on, it is absolutely inconvenient and incomprehensible. In general, the port on the console is disgusting, the game has been around for so long, and you haven't fixed or improved anything that needs it so much. It's a spit in the face


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lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Feb 6 2022, 1:02 PM

Yep the total lack of control customisation, leybinding/deadzones/ADS speed etc is shoddy