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Issues on experimental. Xbox
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I know I’m just some loser with 240 days worth of hours played on dayz (xbox) but sometimes I like to think I know a thing or two. Those things are….

Experimental servers really need a wipe. The loot economy isn’t working as it should and I don’t believe there’s ever been a wipe for experimental.

Also while in the inventory on experimental 1.16 if you are using you sticks to navigate through the inventory you’ll be moving around. It’s really odd.

Another thing is if you are bringing up your weapon wheel or quick access wheel while in motion your character will stop.

I know I’m just some chump but I love your game. I love your work and I’ve been a die hard fan since game preview on console.


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Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

While walking/running/moving on any server in experimental hit right bumper and you’ll stop.

Hit select at any point and if you use your left stick to navigate your inventory you’ll see your player move.

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This is my first time reporting. I apologize if it sucks

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I Manage a community of my own and tell them all Feedback is valid so that means yours is too!

But yeah Experimental needs a wipe every update since its almost a new item/economy change which really needs a wipe to test.

I wish they would add servers where you spawn in NWAF or NEAF with item spawns for every item available so we can test them when they get added or modified (like a devmap ) which would make Experimental a whole lot more interesting to play and contribute towards - someone will make the argument of Killing on Sight but simply add invincibility in some zones or make a zone for PvP.

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Hello Rekmyrooster.
Thank you for the feedback you have provided!
Some of the issues you have mentioned are known, we will investigate the others you have mentioned and will let you know here once we have more information. As for the wipe, I can not provide any information in regards to that topic.