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RCON console exploit
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There is currently a large group of hackers holding server owners to ransom on the community servers network, from my understanding there has been numerous servers being affected recently with this holding on demands to be unbanned or face servers being taken down.

From what I have gathered in information there is an exploit in the fusion game engine which allows them using spoof GUID accounts and VPN networks to gain access to server files and settings without the server owners permission and control without them being made aware.

They mentioned using the an exploit in the coding of the RCON console to allow a backdoor without the need for a password to gain access, from what I am understanding they specifically target the RCON console using code to bypass the password. There is. Nothing the server owner can do to stop this from happening but the hackers did say they only needed to change some code to allow access and this was an actual exploit of the fusion engine itself.

The hackers can delete player profiles, bases and also server data without the owner knowing with this exploit.


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Please investigate as a top priority as this is a serious issue with fusion

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