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Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at E966DA95
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Server ID: 10104642
Server IP/Port:
Xbox DayZ
all json and xml are validated automatically in ide

Server crashed and shows started in Web Interface but not visible in game.

Some of the errors/information from within the attached rpt file:

Many of these:
Client: Nonnetwork object c7195af0.
Client: Nonnetwork object 399a2b0.
Client: Nonnetwork object f7be7560.

15:37:06.194 [Disconnect]: Client -1 normal disconnect

Possible indication of glitched player:
15:37:12.09 [Disconnect]: Player destroy 1303800333
15:37:12.09 NETWORK (E): server: Player dpid=1303800333 index not removed

15:37:12.09 [Disconnect]: Player destroy 157244259
15:37:12.09 NETWORK (E): server: Player dpid=157244259 index not removed

15:37:12.09 [Disconnect]: Player destroy 2017873988
15:37:12.09 NETWORK (E): server: Player dpid=2017873988 index not removed

15:37:12.667 [A2S] destroying...
15:37:12.667 [A2S] receive problem

Many of these:
15:37:13.869 Link to 800540002992f242 (Obj-83,168:1241666) not released
15:37:13.869 Link to 800500002513b8dd (Obj-74,160:1292509) not released
15:37:13.869 Link to 8005c0002312476c (Obj-70,184:1197932) not released

Exception Thrown:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at E966DA95.

Nitrado Support suggested reinstalling server, and I did complete this process. Will see if issue returns. This is the 4th time this type of symptom has occurred with a crash on my servers this week. Happened to all of the three one at a time and they were migrated to new hosts but the issues persist. Sometimes there was no error in the logs, one instance the host machine had no memory and crashed, this time I believe there are glitched or desynced items the game can't interact with and is causing memory issues?? Server has loot items cut down to around 1,000 from the original approx. 22,000 vanilla loot items in game.

Gameserver was recently moved to a host with a large amount of available resources per support.


Operating System
Windows 7
Error Message
Additional Information

Separate question: Why are there so many code errors and memory resource leaks in vanilla installations?


String "STR_server_shutdown" listed twice in "Global"

16:47:34.995 ANIMATION (E): Can't load Bliss/Anims/cfg/skeletons.anim.xml

16:47:34.995 ANIMATION (E): Failed to open file, line 0, column 0

16:47:35.78 Warning: No components in dz\data\data\nomipmaptextures.p3d:geometry
16:47:35.146 Warning Message: 'soundSetNear/' is not a value

Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array

16:47:37.112 String "STR_DN_UNKNOWN" not found
16:47:37.112 String "STR_DN_UNKNOWN" not found
16:47:37.112 String "STR_DN_CAR" not found

!!! [CE] :: Unknown category: 'vehicleparts'.

16:47:53.552 Warning: No components in dz\characters\heads\f_frida_2.p3d:geometry
16:47:53.553 Warning: No components in dz\characters\heads\f_gabi_2.p3d:geometry

16:43:06.319 Link to 8005a00024926bf8 (Obj-73,180:1207288) not released
16:43:06.863 RESOURCES (E): ==== Resource leaks ====

16:43:06.863 RESOURCES (E): DZ/anims/anm/player/reloads/Ruger1022/p_pne_fire_Jam_Ruger1022_ras.anm 1

16:43:06.863 RESOURCES (E): DZ/anims/anm/player/reloads/Ruger1022/p_erc_chambering_Closed_Ruger1022_ras.anm 1

16:43:06.863 RESOURCES (E): DZ/anims/anm/player/reloads/Ruger1022/p_pne_unjam_cancel_Ruger1022.anm 1

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