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Toggle VOIP ON/OFF not working on Xbox
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Toggle VOIP ON/OFF option on the Xbox build is missing, so you are forced to constantly hold down D-Pad to be able to communicate with other players.
This feature is very important for any type of player interaction in DayZ, especially for RP and PVP type situations!

This feature is only missing on Xbox build (it's correctly implemented on Playstation build since release)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Double tap D-Pad down

Additional Information

Toggle VOIP ON/OFF is correctly implemented on Playstation

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Tribal67 created this task.Jan 10 2022, 6:42 AM
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I agree👍a Iot of people whant it back!. And also the 3D voip I know on playstation they have the 3d directional voip like pc have... But on xbox you can't know the direction of the voice... When someone talking it's the same intensity and there is no other direction of the voice if the talker walk around you... something mess up with the voip on xbox !!!! we have made a few tickets here but we still have this bug😢 .. Hopfully you can fix this bug for 2022.. thank you ✌sorry for my bad english

Let's start with the VoIP On/Off feature via D-Pad down. This should be an easy fix for the devs as this feature is already implemented in the Playstation build since release!

Btw, we had 3D VoIP in the past but it messed up the directional audio (e.g. gunshots) on Xbox so it was removed via hotfix.
DayZ is a game that is heavily focused on player communication/interaction so let's hope that the developers will successfully implement 3D VoIP in a future Xbox build.

This comment was removed by Krlito. here people talking about the voip on xbox I hope that gonna help

No feedback or acknowledgement yet?

i read in the 2022 road map about voip changes. Hopefully xbox gets toggle voip. It would be amazing.

"We plan on dedicating some time to the control scheme on controllers. This includes adding more sensitivity options and additional VOIP functionalities. Speaking of controls, we also plan on revisiting the way users can bind various gestures to keys."

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