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equipped (or so you wish)
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Well, DayZ was being DayZ and wouldn't work when I needed it most. My Character existed for about 20 to 25 hours and was fully geared. I walked up to this little farming compound and saw a player being chased by a causal hoard of zombies. I aim at the door as he runs out and shoot at him, i miss, and expent my ten shots, no big deal, didn't expect to hit him, but now some zombies are on me so i run into a small building, and that is when things go wrong. I start clipping on idk what, perhaps the door or the boxes in the corner, im going to say door because doors are the devil in dayz, but if that isn't enough, I wanted to switch to my SG5-K but now all the sudden it wasn't working, my charater wouldn't equip it for no good reason. I would have survived if he equipped it. Anyway, the guy looked through the window and unloaded. If the game would have worked, and would have let my equip my SG5-K I would have easily cleaned that guy up. A 20 hour charater now down the drain. Great. I just wish this game over all was smoother because bugs like that. It is a major problem that bugs like that are not ironed out especially when they kill you. We paid real money for this game because we want to support, but then the game doesn't work. I've played this game a lot, and bugs are always trying to kill me. This isn't the first time a long time character has died to bugs.
Getting stuck on random stuff and not being able to equip seems random, and is all too common. I play on ps4.
I enjoy the game when it works.
When it works it is intense.
When it works it can be the most terrifying game ever.
I've never played a game that has got my heart racing so fast, but things like this happen and completely ruin the experence. Luckly im stubborn and keep on trying to play, but what about people who aren't.


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Use doors.

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lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Dec 29 2021, 4:55 PM

Just a guess but sounds like you didn't have space in your inventory to put your gun away to take the other one out, should have dropped it?