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F-4 Wizzo/RIO ejection bug
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In the F-4 Phantom II, should you be a WSO/RIO with an AI as the pilot, if the pilot initiates ejection sequence the player/WSO/RIO will become stuck, unable to exit. Have not tested in MP or with another player (Because I don't have friends ;-;), but reproducibility in singleplayer is 100% for AI/pilot initiated ejection.
After the pilot ejects the WSO/RIO seems to be in a weird juxtaposition, somewhere between ejection and being inside. The second seater has no possibilities to get out, any and all options fail to show results.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Step 0: Get Phantom with you as the Wizzo/RIO
Step 1: Have plane receive damage
Step 1.1: Pilot should bail, initiating ejection
Step 2: plummet to the ground still strapped to the aircraft, your ejection failed.
Step 3: Profit..?

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