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Screen “freezes” while driving!
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Hello everyone,

yesterday i just finished a Car with all the parts after so many days of searching for those parts.
I was driving and one point the screen freezed completely for about 5 seconds, but the car was still moving and i crashed…So i thought can happen. After a stop at gas station i continued and same thing happend, Freezed again and crashed. So I spend so many hours to find the car and lost in 5 minutes because the game freezed….


Operating System
Windows 7

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TheoGR created this task.Nov 29 2021, 8:38 PM
lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Dec 15 2021, 1:14 PM

Yep. Totally broken. No idea why a vehicle doesn't act the same as a player model, only moving faster. When a player runs at full speed into a solid object they don't end up with a ruptured spleen, two broken legs and leaking artery so why does a car end up with a broken radiator, dead sparkplug and two busted wheels every time the inevitable glitch causes a crash at 5km/h?

Yes i understand a vehicle should acquire damage over time but this is supposed to be a game and driving should be fun...

Simply make vehicle components tougher (excluding bodywork damage) and the players will be happier for it!