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Base Completely Deconstructed On Log In
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everything new that we built is deconstructed, but the nails and planks are still on the ground. both canopy tents that we had are just straight up gone, no weapons or ammo or anything on the floor where they were. one of them had 4 animals hides which is a large amount to carry along with whatever else we had in there. we just built a new watchtower that was deconstructed aswell but the nails and planks are still there too. Same thing with our fences, deconstructed but none of the materials taken. so i have no idea what happened it could have been a troll or something but it doesn’t really make any sense. all of the materials on our gates were on the ground and in pristine condition with no way to be deconstructed from the outside. Just thought id bring it to your attention, idk if this may have happened to other people.


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Hello Apollo808.
Did you experience this on the official server or on a community one?