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Dashborad Crash Developers Dont want to fix
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At last a place to find answers,
Issue game crashes back to dashboard whilst either driving or running around, according to emails received Devs are aware and working on, from looking into seems to be a common issue that has been since game has been on xbox, so question is are the devs spending more time adding to the game or fixing issues before moving forward. Seems adding is the choice.
So Geez lets have some articulated feedback on why the devs are taking so long fixing one issue that has been around for years which is a major issue since day one and seems to be fazed over by the devs. before you pass off with the standard have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling, done that i have all 3 types of xbox and issue is on all 3, find a car get in the car drive down the road game crashes to dashboard reload back into game car wrecked, last update 1.14 devs changed that when car crashes wheels get ruined wow devs make it worse for payers/players rather than make it better.
Issue run into a town start shooting hord of zombies and bang game crashes to dashboard log back in and DEAD back to the beach. Last nights count 6hrs game play on series S Nine dashboard crashes, 3hrs game play xbox one original 12 dashboard crashes, xbox one S 3hrs game play 7 dashboard crashes


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Crash
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Played the game on 3 diff consoles for 11 hrs

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