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Please fix inventory/vicinity menu bugs
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Sometimes you can't close inventory menu, think it depends on where your cursor is highlighting at the time, have to move cursor and spam combination of touch button (intended menu open/close) and B button until it closes.

Sometimes you can highlight all three menu areas; inventory, vicinity and hands and not be able to interact with any of them.

When scrolling through menus the cursor will jump erratically up and down over things like sheaths, holsters, batteries, glowsticks and other attachments etc. Please correct this by making one press of directional stick in any direction move one menu space in the same direction. This is a simple and long established way of moving between items, surely even BI can manage this?

Icons of vicinity items on floor have started jumping around erratically since last update. Doesn't happen all the time but likely due to player position and amount of items (as in standing in wrong place when checking inventory of dead loaded player)

Please automatically stack like items that can be stacked so players don't need to spend longer in the screwed up inventory menu than they should need to. If i pick up a single 19mm round and then pick up another two 9mm rounds moments later i should have one slot occupied by three 19mm rounds. Sounds easy huh?

Please fix vicinity menu so that items in vicinity actually show up in it. I can be standing in front of a box of rounds and yet they don't show in vicinity menu.

Please increase hit box size for same box of rounds (and all other small items) so that when they don't show up in vicinity menu it doesn't take 30 seconds to try and land target reticule on the sweet spot to pick them up directly.

Increase this hit box area for doors and vehicles too. Some building doors are a nightmare to interact with and vehicles can be extremely frustrating to enter or exit.

A player should never need to move from highlighted menu item to another menu item and then back to original menu item for the description of the original highlighted menu item to show. If an item is highlighted its description should be instantly visible.

There's more, much much more, to come... but this will do for starters...


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

play the game on ps4 for longer than 30 seconds

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lemmac created this task.Nov 7 2021, 3:38 PM