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Zombie aggro behavior wildly broken during gunfights
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This recurring issue has cost me many gunfights due to obnoxious zombie behavior. A shooter will shoot a target nowhere near me while I sit 30+ meters away from the buildings they're in. The zombies are unable to reach the shooter and target through any doors and immediately run to me despite never having a line of sight. They scream and chase me, forcing me from my stealthy position and driving me to an area I can close off, which typically has an enemy shooter in it waiting. I'll reiterate that at no point since login had a zombie even made their sound acknowledgement sound and all zombies had already run past my position before I took point to guard my teammate.

Fix this. I have 3000 hours in this game and X-ray vision zombies are ruining all of my teamwork and immersion. The zombies behave like wolves, auto targeting the nearest player from ridiculous distances through any obstacle.


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

Stand behind a fence, wall or any other form of cover that isn't enclosed. Have a shooter in a building nearby shoot at another target in the area, typically also in a building. Stay completely motionless behind open cover and watch as the zombies, with no prior hint to your location, beeline straight to you moments after the gunfire stops and drive you out of position.

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