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UH-60s are missing CMFlareLauncher weapons
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CSLA UH-60 variants have no CMFlareLauncher weapons, despite having flare pods modelled and assigned memory points. This means UH-60s have no defences against missiles unless flares are added by script.

I feel like the Mi-17 should also have flares, but I can't find exactly where on the aircraft the flare launchers would be located.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place any CSLA UH-60 variant in the Editor or select it in the Virtual Garage. From the pilot's seat, note that no countermeasure flares are available.
Hop out of the aircraft and visually inspect the flare pods located on either side of the tail.

You can also check the config for the aircraft and note that no CMFlareLauncher weapon is present, but flare launcher memory points are defined.

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Thank you for your report, we'll look on it.

In CSLA 1.1, flares were added for UH-60s, but not the Mi-17.
After close inspection, I believe the Mi-17's flare launcher is a small module located on the port rear door. Since the rear doors can open, moving the flare launcher, I suppose there may be engine limitations preventing this from being made functional...