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Game crashed
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I am playing on an Xbox series X. I was just playing on server 4062 and driving a Sarka 120 south about to enter a small town.

While driving in second gear at around 40kph the game crashed. I logged back in to find the car was in a forest in a small woods. One tyre was ruined and the radiator of the vehicle was badly damaged. The car is now also stuck and cannot be moved due to the gradient it came to a stop on.


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Windows 7
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The game randomly crashes but has never had a negative impact on the gameplay as I can just log in.

I am now not able to reproduce this issue as the vehicle I was using is inoperable due to it being stuck.

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I managed to get another car and travelled along the same road in an olga 24 and the same thing happened. The radiator is ruined and both front wheels are ruined also.

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Oct 15 2021, 4:56 PM

Hey devs how about toughening up the car parts so that when your game inevitably bugs out while driving it doesn't completely ruin a players day?

How a spark plug is always damaged while the hulk of metal engine encasing it is fully operable is beyond me... as are both front tyres ripped to shreds due to the bumper touching a picket fence qt 5kmh. Radiators should be fully repairable with epoxy putty.

Yeah, the spark plug was also ruined. The game would be infinitely better if batteries or spark plugs weren’t damaged in even the most minor crash. Or if spark plugs weren’t one of the hardest items to find in the game.

And 100% should be able to repair radiators.