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DayZ constant inpreventable coughing and sneezing Issue
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Dear Developer Team,

I would like to report a bug or game feature what is in my belief is a game breaking problem.
Since 1.13 patch your character is getting a cold and starts to cough and sneeze no matter what you do in order to prevent.
First solution what I have tried: I ran down to the shore to die and got my gear back with a fresh respawned character in a matter of few minutes but it had no use, my character go sick after a few minutes.
Second solution what I have tried: I collected a vast amount of codeine and anti biotics, I went into a house made fire and stayed there until my character got cured from the cold.
It took me approximately 10 pills and more than an hour until my coughing and sneezing went away completely.
After that I kept staying in the house to make sure that my character is completely healthy in every way possible but it did not matter and my character got cold again right next to the fire in the house completely healthy.
Took one more codeine and anti biotics right away which cured me fast this time but the cold came back after a few minutes once again.
During these processes my character was healthy (Not hungry not thirsty, full blood and health).
I'am playing only on original vanilla servers.
It would be great if you guys could check out this issue because the constant sneezing and coughing is really frustrating and it gives away your position to other players aswell, never the less with constant sneezing and coughing sounds streaming the game is also became less entertaining.


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I do not even manage to heal at all.
No one at our server does. Except for characters that never get any sickness at all, but its rare.
Exp. 1.14.154228

Same. You have to beta test the game to make it an enjoyable experience. When you spawn in your underwear on vanilla you will catch a cold before finding enough supplies every time. I am warm dry, decently fed, dropped my gloves mask sunglasses and hat. Ate 2 tetracycline stayed warm dry and decently fed. Then started eating multivitamins up to 5 without curing my cold. This is obviously not an enjoyable experience if you have just a few players per server. Gear is too sparse. Spawning makes a cold inevitable, its virtually uncurable and the information online on how to cure a cold is contradicting because of so many renditions of a broken game trying to fix it. "fixing" it would require more than just 2 players on a server to be considered "fixed", considering if people are playing the game it is not "broken" and I would just be here crying because Im not a good player. However the case is the game is broken and considered un enjoyable. Evidenced by server counts of nobody playing the game. This is what we learned modding a Dayz server in 2013. Beta test. Make the game enjoyable and the server becomes more and more popular. A big part of what makes Dayz fun was not playing on a empty server.

Covid simulator 2020. Im about to abandon vanilla and just accept the 500GB of mods and hope theres a server somewhere that modded in Ivermectin everywhere.