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Weapons reload/seize when magazine is added or changed
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Video Demonstration

When using SOG:PF weapons, adding a magazine to an empty weapon incorrectly causes a reload animation.

As shown in the video, vanilla weapons (and most other mods, I might add) don't have this problem. You can detach/attach magazines whenever and they instantly work.

This isn't a big deal normally, but in certain situations (clearing a jam using dzn Extended Jamming) it makes your weapon inoperable for the duration of the reload animation, even though the animation doesn't play.

Solution for this is to figure out where this problem stems from, and adjust it so that weapons can add/change magazines without this reload sequence delay.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

start game with SOG:PF and ace arsenal loaded

load into editor on any map, add a man and a crate with ace arsenal

choose a weapon from SOG:PF

change the weapon's magazine

note the incorrect reload sequence played

compare with vanilla weapons, or those from other mods, without this incorrect reload sequence

Additional Information

In my searching for a fix to this, I came to the conclusion that it is the result of the animations (for example "vn_m16_reloadmagazine"). Also shown in the video, I chose a weapon modified by me to use SOG:PF's animations, and the incorrect reload sequence played. Without this mod/without SOG:PF's animations, the weapon adds the magazine instantly, as intended.

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Bob_Murphy added a subscriber: Bob_Murphy.

Hello Georg,

when you created the issue there was no SOGPF-ACE compatibility available from ACE.
By now this has been changed.
Could you please go in and check if the issue is still there and if so, supply us with either screenshots or a clip?

Thank you very much and best regards,
Bob Murphy

Hi there!

I've tested this with the SOG ACE Compat, the error still exists. Below is a video demonstration. Near the end, the jamming/reloading bug is shown. There are precious seconds after you fully clear the jam where you still cannot fire the weapon (the fast clicking noise), due to the incorrect reload sequence seizing up the weapon. This behavior does not occur with other weapons: normally, you can fully clear a jam and immediately start firing.

Newer Video Demonstration

Also, I'm not sure anymore if it's a result of animations. But something in the weapon config setup is causing this.

Bob_Murphy closed this task as Resolved.Feb 23 2022, 1:12 PM
Bob_Murphy claimed this task.

Hello Georg,

after some enquiries I can say you that it should not be an issue anymore.
It seems to have been a bug within ACE itself and not related to the compat.
Following please find a link to the PR that should have fixed the issue:
For further issues involving ACE, please direct the issue directly to them, preferably on their GitHub page.

Thank you very much and best regards,
Bob Murphy