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Fix for Combat Logging and Alt Acc Sniping
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Fix for combat logging and alt account sniping.

Reason for: Upon engagement with enemy players, players are free to log out at anytime they are not unconscious, prior to taking damage, or firing upon someone in the middle on an encounter. This is a fundamental flaw in Dayz. Players are also free to combat log as much as they want and see through buildings and repeat the process over and over till their teammates neutralize the enemy combatants.
Players are also able to log into accounts situated in strong firing positions and sniper players and then just log out in same position to hide themselves. Another fundamental flaw.


Players cannot logout within a 150m radius from where they last took damage or fired a weapon.


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Windows 7
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This fix can solve so many issue and make player encounters stimulating and exciting as they should be and were designed to be. Right now the current system allows for fights to go unfinished and people to exploit an old system. Combat logging is a very real issue and needs to be addressed! please implement something because nothing is worst then the current system.
This fix is a simple change with big resolutions! PLEASE CONSOLE PLAYERS ARE BEGGING!

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On official servers there is a log out timer of 15 seconds before the player actually logs off server. If you are playing community servers, this can be changed by the server owner or admin. Also the alt accounts is something that has to do with Sony. When you have a system set up as "primary" every user on the system has access to the library of games as well as the PSN subscription. This isn't something BI can resolve.

i understand that. This fix is not to stop people having alternate accounts. It is to stop players loging in through their list of many accounts positioned in military areas, main towns, player bases or strategic positions and taking 30 secs to look through buildings and either locate a target or log off without moving a muslce. Please explain how the above exploit is a viable and fair way to play the game. i have also been subject to teams that communicate player positions and players can log alternate accounts into that spot and attack said player.
The fix is also to help counter players being knocked uncon in a fight and then coming conscious and just taking 15 seconds to log off out of trouble. this fix targets official servers.

I get what you're saying. But people with alt accounts logged off in military areas isn't a BI issue. It's a Sony one. Each profile on the console is different but shares the same perks as the PSN subscriber.

And regards to your 15 second log out timer. Surely if you are hot on someone's tail you should be able to nab them in that time frame. If they are sniping you and you don't know where they are then that's different that chasing somebody down. Either way, not really sure how 15 second timer for log off isn't adequate enough

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Oct 7 2021, 11:58 AM

I guess that the dozen attempts it now takes to restart the game without crashing has put paid to this problem for the time being...