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1.14 Bug List
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Bug 1. Removing item from vicinity (dead player, dead zombie inventory)

  1. stand on top of item (dead player, dead zombie, animal carcass)
  2. open inventory L1 twice to get cursor to vicinty or inventory. up to quickly get to item and the bottom of selection

  1. cursor disappears cannot continue
  2. close inventory

bug 2. failure to raise melee weapon attempting stealth takedown

  1. approach zombie from behind in crouch position
  2. upon reaching zombie pull L2 to raise melee weapon
  3. melee weapon does not raise player is left in standing position behind zombie unable to attack( weapon not raised)
  4. release L2 and press L2 to raise weapon.

bug 3. Playstation 5 frame drop, screen tearing and game freeze

  1. enter medium sized city or town area ( Zelengorsk Miliatary area)
  2. buildings grayed out, disappearing and loading in
  3. game freezes for 2- 10 seconds in 2- 10 second intervals
  4. move away from area and game resumes to normality

bug 4. zombie awareness causing failed stealth mechanic

  1. equip running shoes and NO backpack
  2. approach zombie ( tier 1 and military alike) from behind in crouch walk.
  3. zombie alerts to position ( some zombies turn around right away and attack some turn their heads giving a few second warning)
  4. failed stealth attempt


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Windows 7
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Bug 2 especially annoying as the failed takedown alerts the target despite no noise being made