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Title Screen Crashes
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Hello just a quick one for you all, console seems to have an issue crashing on the title screen when pressing X or A for xbox, the game seems to fail to load and will crash on the title screen usually seems to happen 4-5 times in a row.

Hope this is an easy fix.
Kind Regard


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Just load the game

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This is as of 1.14

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Sep 30 2021, 10:15 AM

Hi there i experience the same crashes with the title screen but my dayz server also hot unplayable.


or read:

"Hi there,

i am running a popular dayz PS4 server for more than a year.

i made a clean server-wipe and installed the server with my files like always. All i changed was adding the Famas.

For some reason the Server freezes alot when trying to join, even when you die and respawn it freezes which it never did before.

I talked to some community members and they experieced the same, i also experienced that it freezes alot in the title screen after loading when it says hit X.

I am on newest revision PS4 Pro with an samsung ssd, i just secure erased and reinstalled the PS4 OS last week.

Deleting the game and the save files also didnt worked.