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Problem with a door locked
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I play Dayz on Xbox.

The problem happened on the Livonia map in the official server, the number: 1450.

The last time I logged off, I wanted to get to the safety of a caravan on the side of a mountain road.
I had a lock pick with me, and I used it to lock the caravan door.
When I tried to log in again a day later.
impossible to open the door, for the game it is as if it was not locked, however, impossible to open it.

I tried everything:

  • By hand (because for the game the door was not locked)
  • with the lock pick (which displayed the message, "lock the door")

When I tried to lock the door, nothing happened....

  • With an axe, by putting hundreds of knocks in the door
  • With an automatic rifle (at least 3 magazines of 5.56mm).

Result: nothing or no action. I'm still stuck in this trailer with my character. I don't want to kill myself over it.

Can you help me please.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

lock the door of the caravan, wait for the restart and you will see.

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Hello Kloasslepoisson.
This issue has been resolved for the 1.14 version.

Thank you Geez for your quick answer !
when will version 1.14 be released, so I can be free again ?

Many thanks

Geez added a comment.Sep 21 2021, 10:01 AM

Hello Kloasslepoisson.
Since you mention you play on an official server, switching to another official server of the same type (for example, if you play first person only, then another first person only official) will reset your character position.