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Locked door bug, cannot be unlocked, game thinks it isn't locked.
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Big issue here that I've experienced and explains a few other permanently bugged barn doors I've found.

So I locked both doors of a wooden garage. I've come back to it probably a week or so later. The game doesn't think its locked now, in that I don't get a prompt to unlock it with my lock pick, I get a prompt to lock. But that prompt doesn't work. Opening the door doesn't work either.

Server resets do not fix it. So a car and loot are permanently unaccessible.

I've experienced this on different doors, all double doors but it might be coincidence.

This needs fixing ASAP.


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Just an update not sure why I didn't think of it. If I melee the door with an axe say, it eventually opens. So its an issue where the game isn't registering that the door is locked when it comes to lock pick, but you can bust it open.

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Hello Joeyb11223.
This issue has been fixed internally and the fix will appear on the public version in one of the upcoming updates.