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Skill tree Ideia for Dayz
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I was thinking about how to introduce skill trees into dayz, and I got a really nice ideia I wanna share with you guys.

The player starts his life on the shore without the knowledge on how to craft itens such as tripwires, fishing traps, wooden boxes, courrier backpack, and other itens. Of couse, simple crafts such as saline bags and cut rags would stillwork for him.
To obtein the knowledge to craft such itens, the player would need to find books about that "skill", and read them (they would be a little damaged after the use, and after death, they would need to read the book again to learn the skill), for example:

Woodcraft I : how to build a small wooden box (40 slots), small wardrobe (2 shirts, 2 pants, 2 boots, 2 gloves...)
woodcraft II: how to build a mediun wooden box (50 slots), medium wardrobe (3 shirts, 3 pants, 2 boots, 1 helmet...)
woodcraft III: how to build a large wooden box (60 slots), large wardrobe (5 shirts, 5 pants, 4 boots, 3 helmets...), gunhack (8 guns slots)

Camping I: how build can fish trap, better skills at gutting small animals (chicken, rabbit, goat)
Camping II: how build net fish trap and snare trap, better skills at gutting all animals (chicken, rabbit, goat, boar, elk, cow...)
Camping III: better skills at listening to animals (longer distances), hability to build the improvised tent

Hunting I: increase the stamina while holding the breath slightly
Hunting II: decrease the sway in 10%
Hunting III: increase the stamina while holding the breath a litle bit more, decrease the sway in 20%

Guerrila tatics I: learn how to deactvate a booby trap (any kind)
Guerrila tatics II: how build a trip wire, hability to build improvised supressor, hability to dismount a radio with a screwdriver (getting "radio parts")
Guerrila tatics II: 15% recoil reduction, hability to build a homemade explosive (large gas can+flare+radio parts)

Must remember that for learning a level 2 book, you need first to read the level 1, and so goes on.
Books would spawn at specific locations woodcraft at lumber mills, camping at camps, hunting at hunting lodges and guerrila at Prison cells


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I agree with having skills in DayZ, either by reading books, doing/building stuff or both. The skills present and gains on each level would have to be thought and could be turned ON or OFF depending on server settings.
The introduction of skills would lead to 2 things:
1 - The "end-game" of DayZ would be longer since now you want to improve skills;
2 - This would add value to life, something that is never or rarely taken into consideration.

From what I understand above, this is similar to the Project Zomboid skill system, which is a nice implementation of these types of systems.