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Vehicles are undriveable due to lag / pause spikes
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While driving any vehicle, I frequently encounter "lag spikes", periods of time where my screen freezes for a few, to as many as 45 seconds. When these occur my vehicle almost always wrecks, and any vehicle besides the M3S trucks is usually rendered inoperable by the ensuing wreck. Passengers in the vehicle do not experience these freezes. I have played this game for years, and am disappointed that this issue still persists, and is easily reproducible. Is there any plan to fix this issue?

I started this feedback from a Playstation page, but now it doesn't give me the option to report it as a Playstation issue. Why should I expect the feedback tracker to work any better than the game, right?

Just experienced a lag spike lasting 104 seconds. FYI


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Get in any running vehicle and start driving.

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Seems unlikely the cars will ever get fixed. However much frustration would be removed if they were just more resistant to damage so you don't need to carry around multiple radiators and spark plugs just to complete a simple journey. Also remove the instakill nature of car crashes so you don't lose an established character and loot that's survived for weeks to a stupid lag spike at 15kmh...