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Preplaced Land_vn_hut_07s are not returned when using nearestObject "building"
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When using the nearestObject command, preplaced objects of type "Land_vn_hut_07" are never returned when filtering by "building" or "house".
It is possible to return the objects when filtering by the empty string.
If you place a hut in the editor, then it returns as expected, even when filtering by "building" and "house".


Operating System
Linux x64
Steps To Reproduce

Load up Cam Lao Nam in the Eden editor.
Find a "Land_vn_hut_07" on the map, e.g. [17038.3, 11796.8].
Keep it in view, a top down perspective helps.
Open the debug console.
Under watch, input the lines:

  1. screenToWorld getMousePosition nearestObject ""
  2. screenToWorld getMousePosition nearestObject "building"
  3. screenToWorld getMousePosition nearestObject "house"

When line one shows an object of type vn_hut_07, lines two and three never show that same object.
Huts of other types will be consistent across the three lines.

Additional Information

I have been told that this is to be expected due to differences between terrain and editor placed objects and how the nearestObject command works, but I have never seen any one building behave like this and it would be wrongdoing to let it stay like this.