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Dynamic Gas Attacks Not Dynamic (Maybe)
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I have been encountering problems with gas attacks at Romashka Holiday Camp near Devil's Castle on DayZ Experimental 1.14 (Chernarus UK 0-3)

When approaching the camp originally on 02/09/21, the server began crashing kicking everyone out and then crashing again within a minute after every re-log. It was impossible for me to leave the area as the server would crash continuously. While I was logged on, I heard bangs and explosions before the server crashed. The Server error was "Server is Unstable".

I decided to persevere and test why. Today (03/09/21) I logged in and I spawned outside the area of the Romashka Holiday Camp (thankfully), which I noticed was covered in green/yellow smoke. I assume this is a gas attack.
After the gas cleared, I heard a loud boom in the distance and then about 20 seconds later a crash and an explosion and the gas reappeared. This cycle repeated itself every time the gas cleared, always on the Romashka Holiday Camp and never on the nearby towns. I moved away from the camp towards Devils Castle (beyond render distance) and then returned to see if it would resolve the issue.

It did not resolve the issue.

Every time the gas cleared, within a few minute Romashka would be attacked again with more gas. A boom in the distance would be heard, then not long after an explosion and more gas. Any attempt to approach the area, even when the gas was cleared causes the server to crash with "server is unstable" error message.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

I observed this from the "Green Moustache House" on the Hill overlooking the Holiday Camp as well as in and around the area of the camp itself.

Additional Information

I don't know if this is a Dynamic event that is bugged and keeps happening in the same place in error, or if it is a scripted event that is supposed to function the way it does, but It seemed worthy of reporting just in case.

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