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More action logs needed - racist radio abuse needs to be stopped
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We server admins please need to get back the way player action got logged back in patch 1.10

With the little information that gets logged now in the server logs, enforcing some rules and a not-toxic environment is made really really hard if not impossible in certain situations.

A recent example: someone played racial slurs & nazi music over the radio.

Previously we were able to see who turned on a radio like this:

SCRIPT : [action] SurvivorM_Mirek:022 started ActionTurnOnTransmitter<94ed0af0> item=PersonalRadio:028671

But now this is not logged anymore.

Other critical examples were mentioned in this private ticket:

We are really desperate to get these action logs back to moderate vanilla servers properly again.
It should not be needed to add mods that give admins superpowers, invisible flying around and stalking on players to moderate a server, if it was possible without harming the privacy of people previously.
These tools got abused countless times in the past. They should not be mandatory to keep racists out of a server. Please give us the possibilities from 1.10 back.

We love the game & appreciate all the work you put in! It's a shame when it gets ruined by racists & trolls


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This has been an issue for quite a while and would be very helpful to have it back indeed. This is is just one of the many examples of when it would be especially useful.

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