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Tools won‘t be dropped when ruined. Makes baseraid easy.
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Hey guys,

a friend of mine and me realized that if you have a melee weapon like a pickaxe/sledgehammer or basically any item and it gets „ruined“ it won‘t be dropped anymore. I dont know if this was down on purpose but this makes baseraiding way too easy. You can just keep hitting a fence or a wall with your ruined sledgehammer and it still gets a lot (prolly the same) damage as if it has the „pristine“ state.

If this was done on purpose then you should at least put the damage done to built fences etc. to zero. Otherwise you can just get a friend, grab 2 Sledgehammers and youll get through in 10-15minutes. Way too easy…


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Get a ruined weapon and hit a wall (or a zombie) and it will still get the same amount (i guess) of damage.

Additional Information

Works with zombies and players as well.

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