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Sa-58 VG-70 accepts 40mm ammunition
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The CSLA "Sa-58 VG-70" rifle features the titular VG-70 grenade launcher. This is a 26.5mm grenade launcher, but in the game it's configured to be able to use 40mm GL ammunition, which obviously shouldn't be able to fit.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Head into the Virtual Arsenal and select the Sa-58 VG-70.
Switch to a container tab (e.g. the vest tab) and see what ammunition types the Arsenal lists as compatible with the gun. Note that 40mm HE, smoke, and flare rounds are included.

Additional Information

It would also be neat to use the magwell system to make the 26.5mm launcher compatible with other 26.5mm ammunition, such as the flare and smoke rounds used by the Global Mobilization LP1 and Wz.78.

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Thank you for your report, it'll be now reviewed by our member.

Since CSLA 1.1, the VG-70 no longer accepts 40mm ammo and has its own 26.5mm ammo. It did not gain magwell compatibility with GM 26.5mm ammo; I leave it to the devs to confirm whether that counts as a full fix or not.