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SMAW and MAAWS use RPG-7 reload animation
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When reloading the CSLA SMAW and MAAWS launchers, they use the same animation as the vanilla RPG-7 - appearing to load something into the front of the tube.

Since the SMAW is, of course, loaded by attaching a tube to the back of the launcher, and the MAAWS is loaded by opening the back of the launcher and putting a shell in, this animation makes absolutely no sense.

An appropriate vanilla animation already exists for the MAAWS, which should be used instead. It's suitable for the SMAW as well.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Head into the Virtual Arsenal and equip the CSLA SMAAW. Make sure you have at least one round in the launcher and one reload.
Hit "Try". Switch to third-person and use free-look to adjust the view so you can clearly see the launcher.
Fire, and reload. Observe the character performing the animation for shoving an RPG rocket into the front of the tube.

Repeat with the CSLA MAAWS.

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Thank you for your report, it'll be now reviewed by our member.

In CSLA 1.1, the MAAWS and SMAAW now use an appropriate reload animation.

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