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Incorrectly mirrored formation markings on US vehicles
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CSLA US vehicles have platoon/company chevron markings available in their object-specific attributes. These markings are mirrored so that they face the same way relative to the hull of the vehicle on both sides, e.g. the C company chevron always points to the rear of the vehicle.

However, the correct setup should be that the markings face the same way from the observer's perspective - the C Co. chevron should always point to the right when you're looking at it. This ensures that you always read the marking correctly no matter which way the vehicle is facing, which is important because C Co. and D Co. markings are identical except they face opposite ways. The markings as implemented in the game mean you can mistakenly identify a C Co. vehicle as D Co., or vice versa, if you happen to look at the wrong side of it.

The markings being mirrored incorrectly can also be seen by selecting a marking with text on it, such as the BI or CSLA logos. The text will be backwards on one side of the vehicle.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place a CSLA US vehicle. Open its attributes and scroll down to the bottom section with the markings. From the Units marking menu (or on the M1, one of the hull marking slots) choose a marking that is not vertically symmetrical, such as a C Co. chevron or the CSLA DLC logo. Check both sides of the vehicle and observe that one side is not correctly reflected.

Additional Information

In this screenshot, the left vehicle has a C Co. marking while the right vehicle has a D Co. marking. You may spot the issue.

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Thank you for your report, it'll be now reviewed by our member.

This was fixed in CSLA 1.1.

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