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Various SOGPF weapons not silenced silenced for AI
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Several weapons in SOGPF have a silencer, but do not register as a silenced weapon to the AI.

Known weapons:
1911 w/suppressor
M1895 Pistol
Mk22 Pistol
Model 10 Pistol


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

Set up several AI behind a building, player on the other side. Fire shots in the air with the SOGPF M-16 with silencer or the HD-S pistol. AI do not respond.
Pull out 1911 with silencer and fire, AI respond and begin to take positions as they have heard the shots.

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Thank you for your feedback! It will now be reviewed by a specialist in our internal QA system.

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We've picked up your issue and the fix has been implemented in the last S.O.G. update. Thanks for helping us making the game better!
In the unfortunate event that (part of) the issue persists, please open a new ticket and include a link to this one.

Best Regards,
Bob Murphy