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Light issues with dark screen. Read description please
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I have been playing this game for about a year and a half now and when I first started playing dayz there was no issues with this. It happen to change one time after a update a long while ago. I seen other people have wrote about this problem before and so have I many times. It so bad sometimes that is almost impossible to play. You literally got to look almost all the way down to play. My friend plays dayz on xbox and does not have this issue with xbox version. It does not do it on pc either. Only ps4 version. This happens mainly in the open areas and will not do it when in the forest or if you are in a house or building. This will happen at night time if you are wearing night vision goggles as well. So when you look down at the ground everything gets bright like it should be when you look forward but then when you start to look back up and your looking straight ahead everything will get dark. The whole scene. This is happening constantly. Out of everything wrong with this game this is by far the worst thing I hate. I am not sure how to put a video shot in here to show you what is happening but if you look on youtube and type light issues ps4 you will see a example of what is happening most of the time. Please look into this and why this is happening. Thanks.


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Hello Syfer42p.
You can upload the video by drag and dropping the file in the comment window or use the upload button on the top bar of the comment window. We have tried to look at youtube for the issue as you have mentioned but could not really find the issue yopu describe.

Yes same annoying thing at me and my Friends...