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Series of minor bugs for the F4 Phantom
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-The artificial horizon is inverted, pitching up will result in the horizon displaying a negative angle, and vice versa. This applies to the main horizon and climb/dive indicator in the pilot seat, as well as the horizon in the gunners seat. This image was taken while climbing.

-Both compasses in the Gunners seat display direction incorrectly. E.G. if you were to turn northwest, the compasses will show northeast.

-The night-time cockpit lights in the pilot seat obscure frontal vision, the high reflectivity of the interior glass will make seeing forward out of the cockpit very hard for the pilot.

-I'm sure this has been mentioned, but the tail hook on the F4 Phantom does not reset after being used.

-Using the pylon editor to give the Phantom three gun-pods, will result in the central gun-pod to not function alongside the other two.

-The pilot cannot obtain radar locks through cycling targets (R default) with the Sparrow or Sidewinder missiles (Yes, my radar is on). They can lock with T using the sidewinders and sparrows, although sometimes this doesn't work either, I do not know the circumstances that lead to this.
The Gunner however, can use these cycle target capabilities if they are given control of the AA missiles through editing pylons, with either sparrows or sidewinders, and it works 100% of the time. I tag this on the end as I'm unsure whether it's intended.


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All the bugs except the radar locking bug happen are consistent. I couldn't find out why it acts the way it does.

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Karroe created this task.May 21 2021, 8:23 PM

Adding to this, I believe the tachometer and the exhaust gas temp. gauge both roll in the wrong direction. Also, down elevator, left aileron and left rudder cause the warning indicators on the Pilot's right hand side to activate.

Will work individually too, here showing all light up.

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Maarten closed this task as Resolved.Oct 8 2021, 1:54 PM
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We've picked up your issue and the fix has been implemented in the last S.O.G. update. Thanks for helping us making the game better!
In the unfortunate situation that (part of) the issue persists please open a new ticket and include a link to this one.

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