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F-4 Napalm Bomb Inaccurate to Target Reticle
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The F-4 napalm bombs do not properly work with the targeting camera. They do not activate the white crosshair which shows you where the bombs will impact.
The Mk82s do show the crosshair, so it looks like a bug in the napalm bomb.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place F-4C Phantom, set napalm bombs to pilot.
Ctrl-Click to open bomb sight.
See that there is no white target reticle, only the black one which is not accurate.

Place F-4C Phantom, set mk82 bombs to pilot.
Ctrl-Click to open bomb sight.
See that there IS a white reticle which gives you an accurate impact point.

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It is in fact not a bug. iirc the devs said it couldn't be classified as a bomb so it doesn't activate the bombing reticle nor the bombing computer.

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Hey Beachhead,

Napalm bombs behave differently than conventional bombs because they are filled with liquid. Nothing we can really do about that. Like the real life pilots you'll just have to get a feel for their flightpath.

Best Regards,