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DayZ PC Launcher Suggestion: Current server indicator
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This is not so much a bug as feedback/suggestion. I have looked online and on the launcher itself and haven't been able to find this function. It may be an ID10T issue, but I thought I'd check. I think there used to be or is a way if you view your DayZ Profile file in my documents, but I was hoping for something a little more in the moment.

Is there a way to indicate what server you are currently on when in the launcher? If a user is switching between servers due to a down or not updated community server, it would be helpful to know what was the last server logged into. Some of us who may experience a hiccup in memory function from time to time, or who are easily distracted by pretty lights, buttons or SQIRREL! Um, might find it beneficial. There are Favorite and Recent options for servers we visit, but a "Last Played" indicator might be nice.



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In the main menu if you hover the mouse over the play option the last played server information is shown, but at least in Spanish the info can not be seen completely, so it´s currently useless. If you want to communicate your friends in which server you are currently playing in order they to join the same server, there is a filter in the launcher called "friends playing" or something similar, that shows them the server you´re at that moment. But no more than that as far as I know.