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Master Cam Lao (MACV, ARVN, PAVN) Mission Bugs (On the Official Servers)
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The fix earlier today that added in Global Chat has made the servers officially playable so thank you so much for that! It was fixed within a reasonable window of time and I'm very pleased with the response to that report.

That being said, now that I've gotten to play a little while in these servers I've noticed some continuing issues.

Names still aren't popping up when players speak. It's not a major issue it just makes it difficult to tell what chat someone is talking in.

The reviving however is completely broken. No matter what settings, advanced or simple, required trait as medic or not, players are unable to revive each other, forcing you to hold down middle mouse button to force respawn.

This is a side note, not really a bug but a very desired suggestion — is there any chance we could get the quality of life module and gestures module added to the Master Cam Lao mission? The earplugs and gestures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for the excellent DLC and the hard work!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home, build 19041
Steps To Reproduce

Join one of the official SOG Zeus Servers on Cam Lao. Ensure reviving is enabled and then, in game, attempt to revive a fallen teammate. I tried it in Simple and Advanced Modes with Medic Traits on and off. Didn't seem to change anything.

As for the lack of names popping up in the bottom left, simply hold down your push to talk and you can see your name fails to appear.

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