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Solution to your Duplication Epidemic
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Hello DayZ Devs,

Heres a solution for your duplication epidemic.

When you guys wipe next, Implement a code that Generates an individual item id for each item and set up a data base that records all individual item id's, so that when their are multiple items with the same unique code are found in that same database, it will notify you of which server and when that item was cloned. (So that you can determine if that official server needs a wipe. Alternatively you could run code that wipes all excess items with that same individual Id, and keep the original. every time servers reset. (which would mean that all servers would have to be synchronised to reset at the same time.)

When the script notices that a certain player has been flagged for suspicious activity and it can read that the suspected duplicator has had multiple of the same item id on their person, It will red flag that player and have code that automatically deletes wipes all items on that account.

When they're red flagged, it should notify that player ingame based off of their unique ID that Bohemia is aware that they're breaching terms of service and if they continue, their account will face sanctions.

3 strikes and they're out and ban that player by console ID.

Easy solution and will only take a single work day to draft the code and a week of fine tweaking on the test server to implement it.

These duplicators keep finding ways around your patches and it's really affecting the new players to the DayZ community and has stunted growth. The game has so much more to offer than what people believe and with the lack of high tier loot due to these algorithms running wild due to these duplications, you'll find DayZ is losing more long term players than gaining.

I hope you ladies and gentlemen take a consideration at this idea as I'm certain if it gets set up and implemented, the game will finally be played based on what you guys had intended it for to begin with, because right now to be honest, the game has run rampant with a certain breed of player that brings toxicity to the community you Devs have worked so hard to build.


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You can contact me at anytime via my account email and I look forward to sharing as much vision as I can to help see this art piece progress for years to come.

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No need for that, this is a workable solution to an existing issue that Bohemia are being shouted from the rooftops to fix.

Serious issues with simple solutions but no one at BI has taken real initiative to rectify it.

If you have a better solution, post it. No other real solutions have been put up except for the same annoying line "fix duping".

By offering such a solution, you have not thought about honest players and thousands of servers on which they play. By proposing to solve problems in this way, you want to take away honestly earned loot from even players who killed other players (dishonest ones using duplication).
Player 1 has the original weapon and stores it in a box in the base.
Player 1 duplicates the weapon and leaves the original in the base. Goes to play with a copy of the weapon.
Player 2 killed Player 1 and took a copy of the weapon.
There have already been a lot of such situations all over the community and on official servers.
And then suddenly you appear so smart, and offer to remove all copies of the weapon that are, leaving the originals. It turns out that dishonest players will only benefit from this.
In general, your folding scheme assumes a significant load on the already not optimally working DAYS server applications.
I will repeat again - Bullshit

I've considered this, if it doesn't impact server performance it is a viable option if doable