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Dayz 1.12 Flags/base
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Dayz updated to 1.12 and I started playing like a normal day playing dayz the only problem that occurred was after I spawned at my base i always look at the floor so the game doesn't freeze while loading, but i noticed that the game loaded a lot faster so i was thinking maybe its the new update, but when I checked around none of my tents were in our base but the flag was still all up, so I tried placing a new tent but thats were the problem begins because having the flag and the tents inside the flag protection radius none of my new tents get protected and end up despawning(no flag protection icon). I have tried almost everything the only thing that I haven't tried yet is destroying that flag and building it up again since im still gathering the rest of the resources. if building a new flag work ill try to update this ticket or create a new one saying the same thing but with the resolution


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Windows 7

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